Why Hire Us

T-Square Properties was founded in 1996. Our goal was to provide unique property management services to property owners in Seattle and it’s neighboring communities.

Our rental management services are of high quality, technologically advanced, and cost-effective. Over the past two decades, the company has grown to manage hundreds of properties throughout King and Snohomish County.

We attribute this growth to our skilled team, commitment to clients’ needs, and our focus on integrity.

T-Square Properties services Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell, Marysville, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Everett, and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in property management of multifamily, apartment buildings, commercial, and single-family properties in King and Snohomish Counties.


Are you looking to hire a professional property management company to manage your Snohomish rental property?

If you are, then look no further.

By hiring us, our services are sure to benefit your rental property. From helping you find tenants quickly to fill your vacant property to collecting rent, T-Square Properties can help you manage your property on your behalf.


Owner Benefits

1. Avoid vacant rental units.

No rental property owner wants to have vacancies. But, a common mistake landlords make is ignoring the severity of them.

Avoiding them is key to maximizing your return on investment.

T-Square Properties understands this. We can help reduce the vacancy rate of your rental property by finding high-quality tenants through effective marketing strategies. Our marketing efforts will ensure that your property gets as much exposure as possible, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to find a tenant.

From “For Rent” signs to word of mouth to PPC and social media marketing to rental listing sites, rest assured we’ll find a tenant quickly.


2. Find the perfect tenant the first time.

You shouldn’t rent to just any tenant you find. Tenants aren’t all created the same. Some can be great, while others can be problematic.

By hiring us, you can be certain that we’ll find you a great tenant for your property.


One that pays on time, doesn’t cause negligent property damage, cares for the property, and rents long-term.

How do we ensure this?

To improve our chances of landing a great tenant, we’ll subject all prospective tenants to our screening test. Our tenant screening process qualifies a tenant based on their income, creditworthiness, and rental and criminal background.

It’s only after a tenant has passed this test that he or she can be allowed to rent a property under our management. This ensures that we minimize the chances of landing potentially problematic and destructive tenants.


3. Stop wasting time and money chasing rent.

Chasing rent can be stressful and time-consuming. We can help you ensure rent collection is done in a timely manner.

To make certain, we have a simple and convenient rent collection system for our tenants. These have proven to be effective at minimizing rent payment issues. What’s more, we’ll review your lease agreement to make sure it’s precise and clear in regards to renting.

For instance, we’ll ensure it mentions key rent terms such as:

  • The amount of rent
  • When and where it is due
  • The amount of late fee, if applicable
  • The amount of grace period, if applicable
  • How rent is to be paid

You can also rely on our experience to handle any rent default issues. If it comes down to it, you can rely on us to evict the problematic tenant for you.


4. Save time & receive discounts from contractor relationships.

We understand how valuable your property is to you. When hiring us, one of our main goals is to safeguard your property against damage.


We will regularly inspect your property to ensure it remains in great condition at all times. When repairs and maintenance are required, you can rely on our list of reliable and professional contractors for help.

Due to our volume of work, we’re often able to negotiate discounts. So, not only will the work be done by professionals, but you’ll also save on costs.


5. Let us keep your investment’s paperwork in order.

Managing a rental property requires a number of skills. Among them is knowing how to keep your investment’s paperwork in order.

Our staff will ensure your investment’s paperwork, including filing taxes, is done on time. We’ll make sure to upload these to your online portal so that you can track how your property is faring.


About Our Company

We’re a licensed real estate brokerage company that specializes in managing commercial properties, apartments, multiplexes, and residential homes.

If you’re looking for a professional company to manage your rental property in Snohomish County, we can help. By working with us, you’ll get more than just a property manager.

You’ll get a team that is dedicated, innovative, value-driven and has your best interests at heart. Having been in this business for more than two decades, you can rest assured we have what it takes to make your rental property succeed as well.


We are active members in professional organizations such as the:

  • Commercial Brokers Association
  • Residential Housing Association
  • Northwest Multiple Listing Service
  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers

Today, property management is complex. As such, investors need far more than just someone to fill their vacant units and collect rent. Investors need a company that is highly skilled and understands the ins and outs of the King and Snohomish property market.

T-Square Properties understands the many facets of the current real estate management, brokerage, technology, maintenance, leasing, regulations, and investment.


So, what are you waiting for?

Contact T-Square Properties today and let us help you achieve your investment goals. You can reach us at 425-485-1800 or at info@tsquaremanagement.com.

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