“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Dorothy’s infamous refrain from The Wizard of Oz rings true in the hearts of many a homeowner, both in Kansas and far from it. These four walls hold family and memories, heirlooms and heritage, both priceless and irreplaceable.

Your home is an investment. The money you put into it comes back to you in value. Plus, your home houses commodities far more precious and worthy of protection. Going off that train of thought, you might be asking yourself, “How do I increase the value of my home?” or “How do I increase my home security?” In reality, they’re not mutually exclusive ideas. Let’s consider a few key ways to increase both value and security at home at the same time.

Change Your Locks

Moving into a new house, or replacing a misplaced key, calls for the changing of the guard. Always switch out your locks, even if you think you’ll find that missing key someday. Even if you haven’t lost your key, it might make sense to change your locksafter a period of time just to ensure your safety. Updating to state of the art lock designs ensures your home is protected by the latest technologies. Key code locks offer the ability to change entry codes for temporary entrants or periodically for basic security. A secure home proves to be one of value. After all, there is no price equal to feeling safe where one lives.

Use a Safe

A sturdy safe is an important second line of defense for your home and valuables. If a burglar is able to get around your locks and other security measures, a safe can stop them from swiping those invaluable family heirlooms and rainy-day cash. Consider an investment in a fire-rated safe to house your most precious documents and other items.

Reinforce entries.

The first floor windows, front and back doors present the greatest opportunities for thieves to enter your home. Replace front and back doors with sturdy options with interior hinges to resist tampering. And, opt for solid surfaces rather than windows or glass side panels to deter intruders.

Furthermore, one-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors are recommended for increased strength and protection. And, metal bars securing sliding doors prevent forced entry. To address windows, consider window locks and break-resistant glass.

Finally, energy-efficient doors and windows add dollars to your budget in decreased heating costs. Plus, the increased curb appeal and energy savings bring value to your property.

Mix-Up Your Entry Codes

If you have a keypad installed on your door, be sure to change your home entry codes every few weeks. It’s a smart practice, but one that can be hard to remember on a regular basis. Consider setting an alarm on your smartphone or purchase a product which automatically changes the codes for you periodically.

Update Your Lighting

Modern outdoor lighting options bring security, personality and value to your home. Well lit entries and outdoor spaces give intruders little space to hide. Walk your yard at dark to visually discern where lighting is needed. Exterior and landscaping light boosts your home’s curb appeal and value. Consider motion activated fixtures for energy savings. Make sure to choose a lighting option that’s both bright and has decorative appeal, rather than a dim lit that may have better aesthetic appeal.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Your garage door can be a penetrable point in your home as well. Installing an electric garage door opener or updating your current system can be a smart way to secure your house and the people in it. These days, you can find “high tech” options that give you the ability to open the door without ever leaving your car via Android and iPhone apps. Speaking of high tech, those new keypad locks installed on your other doors may be able to lock through your phone as well, allowing you to lock up from a distance should you forget to on your way out the door in the morning.

With an upgrade to your garage door, curb appeal gets a boost as well. After all, a sizeable portion of your home’s front exterior belongs to the garage door. This new entry allows you to express your personality

Install a Security System

Homes lacking alarm systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than those with them. In fact, often the stickers or yard signs placed in prime entry locations prove valuable in preventing unwanted visitors. Alarm systems, security cameras, motion lights and the like protect your property whether you are sound asleep or away for the night.These systems offer added assurance to parents when children are home alone.

Protecting your home with these simple keys guards you from the storm that results after an intruder finds his or her way into your family’s safe space.

All of these different security measures we’ve discussed will help guard your home and your family should the unthinkable ever happen. Plus, energy efficient options and curb appeal enhancing choices earn value for your home. Most importantly, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that you’re safe from whatever intruders may try to throw your way.

Guest post provided by Sevan Locks & Doors

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