As a Seattle business and property management company we know it’s a tricky process selecting the best neighborhood to live in. Especially in a city celebrated for its extraordinary communities steeped in neighborhood pride.  In the end, choosing the best neighborhood for your family will have you juggling priorities, so we compiled a list of some of Seattle’s best neighborhoods to help.

Below is a guide to the 7 best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. In choosing, we considered schools, affordability, yards, housing, views, walkability, amenities, accessibility and more.

1. Greenwood

If you’re a young family looking to buy your first home, begin your search here. Greenwood has in the recent past become a hot spot for prospective homeowners migrating north due to affordable housing.

Greenwood is known for its numerous specialty stores, coffee houses, restaurants, and bars. The community hosts many events that appeal to citizens and families alike. Activities and attractions include:

  • Greenwood car show – An event held every June for auto enthusiasts.
  • Monthly artworks – This event showcases the local artistry and interesting businesses along Greenwood Avenue.
  • Seafair – It is held in August every year. It is a parade adorned with the local police and Seafair pirates.
  • Taproot Theatre – This is undoubtedly one of the largest mid-size theatre companies in Seattle. It puts on plays, on their stage; organizes performances, in schools and clubs; and offers classes to budding actors.

2. Capitol Hill

Depending on how you feel about condominiums, the Capitol Hill neighborhood’s precipitous growth can inspire delight. It is an ideal place for artist types who want to live amid a mix of clubs, theatres, and bars.

Its population has shot above 50,000, and this doesn’t include the doves who come here for the nightlife and restaurants.

The culture in Capitol Hill is quite diverse. To begin with, it is home to a sizeable number of gay and lesbian hot spots making it Seattle’s “gayborhood”. Also, it features a plethora of musical culture thanks to the numerous fringe theatres and live music held in bars.

3. Mount Baker

This is a neighborhood located in southeast Seattle. It is bounded by Columbia to the south, Rainier Valley to the west, Leschi to the North, and Lake Washington to the east. The neighborhood has a rowing team and a community club.

The atmosphere around Mount Baker is pretty quiet, especially on the side of Lake Washington. In fact, you wouldn’t think you’re in the middle of a huge city. Activities and attractions for your family include:

  • The Community Clubhouse
  • Genesee Park
  • Sayers Memorial Park
  • Repast Bakery
  • Emerald City Fish and Chips

Other cool things in Mount Baker include Penumbra Beer Bash, Bicycle Sundays on Lake Washington, and Kid’s Holiday Cooking Classes.

4. Ballard

Ballard is famous for transforming into a hip, family-friendly foodie enclave from an independent-minded Scandinavian village. This up and coming Seattle neighborhood is an ideal mix of urban and neighborhood living.

Families love it here because of the great school districts offered. There are many restaurants lined up on the Ballard Avenue, which mostly specialize in seafood. Also, for when you’re not partaking of the deliciousness… Check out:

  • Ballard Breweries
  • Discovery Park
  • The Edith Macefield House 
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Fish Ladder
  • Ballard Historic District
  • Golden Gardens Beach Park 
  • Hiram M. Chittenden Ballard Locks
  • Ballard Farmers Market

5. Beacon Hill

You can’t go wrong with Beacon Hill if a kid-friendly neighborhood is what you’re after. It’s a great place to start (or raise) a family, thanks to good schools, plenty of playgrounds and parks. Beacon Hill is rich in history and brims with significance.

The collection of small restaurants and shops allow residents to stay in the neighborhood while still meeting their basic needs. Popular attractions in Beacon Hill include:

  • Black Heritage Trail
  • Boston Common
  • Esplanade
  • Nicholas House Museum
  • State House
  • Park Street Church​​

6. Lower Queen Anne

Lower Queen Anne is known for its various cultural and music festivals. There’s a gazillion of things that families moving here may like. These range from restaurants, schools, and events, to attractions, culture and more.

Some favorite things to do and see in Lower Queen Anne include:

  • Space Needle – This is the place to be if you’re looking for a gorgeous view of Seattle from the sky and a fancy spot to eat.
  • Pacific Science Center – This is arguably one of the best places to take the family for an afternoon. It includes an IMAX theater, a butterfly house, and planetarium. Kids will also love touching living marine animals, and enjoy the dinosaur exhibit.
  • Seattle Center – This is the musical heart of Seattle, where Bumbershoot and Northwest FolkLife take place. The Seattle Center also hosts a variety of cultural festivals including the Japanese Cultural Festival and Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Kerry Park – Is a great place to catch some picturesque sunsets without feeling like a tourist. You’ll see beautiful views of downtown, Elliot Bay, and sometimes Mount Rainer.

Other cool things in Queen Ann include Free Scoop Day, Good Mugs of Hot Chocolate, and Back to School Deals.

7. Columbia City

Named after Christopher Columbus, this neighborhood aspired to be great from the beginning. There’s a lot to do in Columbia City. Activities and attractions include:

  • Chihuly Garden and Glass – There’re many areas to see here. Some including, beautiful glass creations to enjoy. There’re also galleries and gardens as well as a gift shop to pick up a souvenir.
  • Museum of Flight – There’re over 150 exhibits showcased here. Potential pilots can steer a lunar lander, pilot a WW II bi-plane, or fly with the Blue Angels. It’s a fun gateway for families.
  • Seattle Art Museum – The museum houses nearly 25,000 pieces of fine-art. There’s also an extensive collection of both modern and ethnic art.

Cool things in Columbia City include The Makery, Jazz Night School, and Back to School Deals.


Seattle is a great city, no doubt. In addition to featuring great neighborhoods, the Emerald City is also one of the nation’s cleanest metropolis to raise your family in. It also has strong adherence to better environmental standards and ranks high for energy efficiency.

Seattle area is the sixth best place to live in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual index.

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