Having professionals take photographs of a property you bring into the market has long been common for people wanting to sell a home. 

But with the pandemic changing all sorts of habits, the use of professional Real Estate photography is growing for rentals, too. 

Tenants are becoming wary of visiting homes not adequately sanitized. Travel restrictions come and go, and tenants demand more information about purchasing online. Logically, the rental market has to follow this trend. 

Lex Shan from The Cal Agents, a leading Bay Area property management company, has written extensively about the impact of COVID on rental property. In his opinion, “every Real Estate transaction, no matter which, needs to be supported with professionally taken pictures. It is the new market standard, and it is not going back”.

In this scenario, pictures taken with a Smartphone are no longer what the tenants expect. They often fail to highlight what is unique about rental property. Minimal editing and special effects are available to improve them. They are frequently not compatible with Real Estate advertising platforms. Renters demand video and virtual reality solutions, which are difficult to develop by non-professionals. 

Real Estate photographers can not only give a landlord beautiful still photos. Technology allows them to make 3D tours, aerial drone shots, and many other HD products that will powerfully convey what makes your rental unique and worth the rent you are asking for it. 

It is also important to note that professional photography is compatible with people’s listing platforms to search for their next home. That means more impact on the market and less time adapting your pictures to what those platforms demand.

To make your photography investment more eye-catching and attractive, Real Estate photography vendors give some simple advice on preparing your home for a shoot. These are:

  • Declutter your home before the shoot. Unneeded elements must go.  
  • Remove family pictures and very personal decorations. Remember that your photos will be on the web for anyone to see, and you must protect your privacy. 
  • Pets and pet-related items must not appear. Although your pet policy must show in your rental ad, people do not like looking at other persons’ pets. 
  • All lights must be working, and sunlight let in. The photographer’s time will be a lot more productive if you do this. 
  • Stage your bedrooms and add color to them. Make them look cozy.
  • The House exterior must be clean and free of cars. Make outdoor spaces look more prominent.

By following this recommendation about lightning, staging, and others, you will surely get stunning material.

Digital Staging works wonders for houses that are empty. Empty homes do not look inviting, but physical staging is difficult and costly. With Virtual Staging, furniture, lamps, rugs, and many details get added to your property’s picture. In addition, you can highlight the use of each room as a home office that potential renters seek.

If your rental listing is part of an attractive community or natural setting, words might not be enough. Consider aerial photography and video. Drones allow you to take breathtaking shots of the house and its environment. Be sure to hire a photographer that works with a fully licensed pilot. Also, every community has its regulations regarding shooting from the air. Be sure to understand what those are and share them with your supplier. 

With today’s digital solutions, you can add twilight effects to your pictures. These effects make features such as fireplaces and pools more dramatic and unforgettable. Twilight effects are the way to go when you have a premium property to rent.  

And finally, you should use this material to edit a simple yet convincing video of the property. Many apps on the web allow you to do interesting DIY videos. Upload your video on Youtube or other streaming platforms and share your link with all those that show interest in your rental.

For top-of-the-market rentals aimed at the most demanding renters, 3D virtual tours are the ideal solution. It allows customers to visit a property 24/7 and check all room details from every possible angle. As a result, the inconvenience of setting up appointments, juggling schedules, and driving gets minimized. When you have applicants that live out-of-state or abroad, a 3D virtual tour is the best solution to raise interest from the best potential renters. 3D tours answer all possible questions about the distribution of space in a property. 


The Real Estate industry needs to move with the digital times. Landlords and Realtors need to provide instant and satisfying experiences to customers in the digital environment. Do not let quality potential tenants go to the rental with better photos. The people who visit your listing will be better informed, even excited, about your property and more willing to become your tenants.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes. The information contained in this blog article may not be the official policies of T-Square Properties.

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