The advent of social media apps that focus on video content has made this a popular medium to advertise on. As a property owner, you can gain more inquiries from prospects when you create a video tour of your rental.

Initially, you may think that you need to have sophisticated filming equipment but this is not an issue. You can use your mobile phone to film your tours. Owners can also be hesitant to film a video tour because they don’t have a lot of experience. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to learn the basics.

Just follow these easy tips and you can release a video tour and receive inquiries of your own in no time at all!

Here are things to keep in mind when filming a virtual rental tour:

Stage Your Rental

You want to impress the viewers. To achieve this, you need to clean up, reduce the clutter and eliminate any distractions. You want to make sure that the unit itself is the feature of the video, not some detail in the background.

You can also hire professional cleaners to ensure that everything looks immaculate and spotless. Check out magazines for stylish homes to feel inspired and gain ideas on furnishing layouts. You can also consult with interior designers to gain additional tips and tricks for staging.

Highlight Your Unit’s Best Features

Every property has its own distinctive features to highlight. Is it historical, modern, or designed by a renowned architect? What kind of amenities do you have? Prospects take these things into account when making their decisions on where to rent. Be sure to highlight these features in your video tour.

Some of the in-demand amenities are parking spaces, storage areas, and stainless steel appliances. If you have these features then make sure you promote them in the video tour. Always be conscious of what your Washington rental property can offer to its tenants.

If the unit has undergone upgrades then show the improvements. The location of your property can also serve as a point of interest. Provide more information on its proximity to parks, schools, and other conveniences.

Craft an Effective Title

Conceptualize the idea you want to bring forth. What impression do you want to leave your target viewers about your rental property? You want to make your titles with your target demographics in mind.

If your chosen demographic is large families, you can include the number of bedrooms your Washington property has in the video title. On the other hand, if the property is close to the business district and you want to attract young professionals, you can also add that specific information to the video’s title.

editing your video rental video tour

Providing a short description after the title can also allow for more important information to be given to the viewer. In the description be mention how many bedrooms there are, its proximity to transportation hubs, and in-unit amenities. This can filter out applicants that have other property needs.

Focus on Good Lighting

Just like lighting is important in shooting quality images of your rental, it also plays a major part in your video tour. Aim to film an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise. This time of day is called golden hour and it provides a soft glow to the property’s interiors and exteriors.

Pull back the curtains and open the windows wide to let the light in. Capture a variety of shots and give ample time to highlight the best parts of the rental home. Good lighting will make the spaces seem larger and more inviting to the viewer.

Film an Intro and Outro

You can take advantage of your intro and outro by showcasing your logo so viewers can have an easy recall. A few seconds will be sufficient. You can also include information like your website and business email address during this time.

Note that you should always use professional contact information to protect your privacy. This way, you won’t divulge personal information and can set boundaries with your business and personal life.

Create a Call to Action (CTA)

CTA’s can refer to short sentences or phrases you include at the last part of your video tour. Some of the common ones are “Contact us today for a property viewing!”

Include Captions

Captions ensure that viewers can capture all important information. It also makes your videos accessible to more people if they can choose between listening to the audio or reading the captions.

Offering captions on your videos guarantees that prospects can still absorb the information you’re communicating in the film. There are several online services that can support the adding of captions at zero cost.


With the number of videos available online, viewers can feel saturated to watch another one. Spend time coming up with a creative way of crafting a video tour. This makes it easy for prospective tenants to imagine staying in your unit.

Remember to focus on the point of view of your prospects. Your video must encompass what they’re seeking in a rental property. Film leisurely, then trim it down to be around 2 to 3 minutes and provide a natural flow to your video. Film the lot area as well since viewers want to see the exterior part of the property as well.

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