Should I Rent My Bellevue House Furnished?

Should I Rent My Bellevue House Furnished?


Renting out your Bellevue property furnished or unfurnished is dependent on you as a landlord and the kind of tenant you wish to attract. It is essential to consider both the pros and cons before you start looking.

Ask yourself: what specific demographic suits your Bellevue rental property?

Consider your prospective tenant’s needs. What particular stage of life are they in?

If they are a middle-aged family that has moved a couple of times, they might already own a number of furnishings, whereas recent graduates and young professionals who are trying to establish themselves in their careers might have limited funds to spend on furniture at this particular phase in their lives.

Let’s outline the benefits of a furnished and unfurnished Bellevue rental property. (more…)

What to Include in Your Snohomish County Rental Agreement

What to Include in Your Snohomish County Rental Agreement

Do you have a rental property in Snohomish County, Washington?

Or plan to have one?

As a landlord, your lease or rental agreement is the most important document. This contract covers all the details of your process.

Landlords have a lot of responsibilities and tasks on their hands. Rent collection and regular maintenance are examples from a long list of them. For this reason, rental agreements may receive less consideration than they should.

However, making sure you have a well-drafted rental agreement is essential:

  • You’ll face fewer disputes
  • There’s a lower risk of financial loss
  • Less stress and uncertainties
  • The interests of both sides receive protection

In this article, we’ll go over the key terms to include in your Snohomish County rental agreement. (more…)

Pet Deposits, Pet Fees, and Pet Rent – What’s the Difference?

Pet Deposits, Pet Fees, and Pet Rent – What’s the Difference?

Having a pet can help people in a variety of ways. Pets can provide companionship and more reasons to go outdoors and engage in physical activities.

Pets also help reduce stress and keep loneliness at bay. Pet ownership has spiked up in recent years, which explains why many rental owners are taking advantage of this opportunity to market their property as pet-friendly.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of being a pet-friendly rental property in Snohomish County, Washington.

Being open to pets will provide you with additional income, however, pets can also cause a lot of damage. The decision to allow pets is entirely up to you.


What Exactly is “Normal Wear and Tear?”

What Exactly is “Normal Wear and Tear?”

Using an object over time contributes to its aging and damage. This is generally referred to as normal wear and tear.

Property is also subject to this type of depreciation. It occurs to all rental properties when a tenant occupies it and uses your furniture and home appliances for example.

As a landlord in Snohomish County, it’s your prime responsibility to manage the necessary repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to keep normal wear and tear under control.

However, damages caused by tenants are exempted from a landlord’s duty to repair. (more…)

How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

As a landlord, you want to attract long-term tenants. That’s because having a low turnover rate is great for your cash flow and ultimately your return on investment.

Building good relationships is a great way to make your existing tenants want to stay longer.

Low turnover rate isn’t the only benefit. When you improve your tenants’ quality of life, it will be easier to rent or even sell the property in the future. 

In order to keep good tenants, we have outlined solutions in this article that will help make them want to stay.

Keep on reading to learn about our strategies for successful tenant retention. You can also use these approaches to attract long-term tenants to your Snohomish County, Washington property: (more…)

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