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Renewal Screening Checks

Compared to marketing and strategizing to attract new prospective renters, retaining tenants is relatively easier. When you establish long-term residents, you generate stable earnings which can finance renovation projects to enhance the value of your rental property....

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6 Best Ways for Retaining a Tenant

Do you own rental property and need ways to retain good tenants? Retaining tenants can be a challenge but with the right strategies, you can create a successful rental property business. High tenant turnover can be costly. What’s more, as a landlord, you’ll be...

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Rental Property Marketing Mistakes

The reason you have spent the time, energy, and money in acquiring the rental property is to enjoy a passive rental income for many months to come. To meet that goal, you must avoid certain common pitfalls.  One such pitfall is failing to have a proper marketing...

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Rental Documents Landlords Need

Getting the paperwork correct when renting out a house for the first time can be a challenge. But the more experience you have with managing your real estate portfolio, the easier it is to understand the documents you need and the ones you don’t. A huge factor in your...

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Holdover Tenant

Both parties under the lease agreement – renters and landlords – have certain rights and obligations. A solid lease agreement helps outline important things such as: When, where, and how rent is due  Limits of occupancy  Maintenance obligations Length of the rental...

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