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“I shopped around extensively before hiring a company to manage my property in 2010. I did research online, compared pricing, and had sit down meetings with a handful of firms. I was sold on T-square for a number of reasons; they are local and accessible, their fee schedule is the most reasonable of all that I found, and the office staff was so accommodating and helpful.

T-Square has been managing my property for just over a year now, with no complaints from our tenants and none to speak of on my end. I appreciate knowing that T-Square is working in the best interest of both parties, landlord and tenant. Having been guided through the process of preparing my home for renters by T-square, I know that they take the happiness and comfort of occupants seriously.  

T-square has kept impressive documentation of the condition our home was and is in, conducting property check-ups twice yearly. I feel confident that when our tenants move out (hopefully not anytime soon), the assessment of damage to the property will be accurate and fair because of their attention in this area. Not only do they check on the house, but they inform me of ways I can make the tenant more comfortable. Most recently we decided to have a crew go and groom the yard at my expense. I have been assured by T-Square that if a renter has a dispute about the damage costs, they are welcome to review the photos of the property over the period of the lease. 

I look forward to working with T-square for years to come.”

H.F.  - Owner/Investor

“I've worked with T-Square for over two years and have had a wonderful experience! The staff is responsive, accurate and very helpful. They have quickly rented my condo twice and been very wiling to address any concerns that I may have had. I would highly recommend working with this company.”

Jenni S.   - Owner/Investor

“I’ve really been happy and impressed with T-Square which is such a relief since I’ve never had a property manager before.  “

Michelle T.   - Owner/Investor

“T-Square Properties has always been responsive and helpful which I’m sure is not easy under many circumstances. “

Betty and Greg   - Owner/Investor

“Thank you again for all your help.  T-Square is the one bright and shiny star in all of the hassle that seems to come my way regarding my townhome.  You are a very professional and trustworthy organization and I appreciate you very much.”

Keith B.   - Owner/Investor

“….I’ve enjoyed working with you and really appreciated your follow-through on things, and that you were always available when needed…..”

Julie C.   - Owner/Investor

“…..Thanks for all you do, I feel very confident and am more than satisfied with the services T-Square Provides to us.”

Leann B.   - Owner/Investor

“…I appreciate how hard you are having to work on my property to keep the Tenants happy.  I’m glad that you are my property manager, too!”

Scott M.  - Owner/Investor

“….I trust and value T-Square Properties’ opinion….. I am thoroughly impressed that you were thinking ahead.  Thank you for your ongoing diligence —I can’t thank you enough.”

Bill M.  - Owner/Investor

“Thank you all!  I can’t believe you found a tenant for us in less than two weeks.”

Trinh T.  - Owner/Investor

“….Thank you so much for your strong and supportive assistance in following the CCR’s.”

Maxine,  HOA President

“…I wanted to thank you for making the process of renting the condo very pleasant and with no problems.  You made it a much less stressful situation for me all around."

Jen B.  - Owner/Investor

“….You guys do a great job!”

B.N. -- Tenant

“I am glad to say that I sincerely appreciate all the efforts the T-Square team has put into managing my Condo.  I will continue to recommend you to my Friends.”

Javed K.  - Owner/Investor

“Thank you all for all your hard work during the last year.  I will recommend T-Square Properties to anyone who can use your services.”

Joseph D.  - Owner/Investor

“…Yah know, I have to say it is great to be able to work with a competent management company.  Thank you!!!”

Jeremy B.  - Owner/Investor

"…..I can honestly tell you that we feel like we are always treated as important….I anything shows up that needs urgent attention, they are always right on it….I personally would use them again and recommend their services often….."

Caron D.  - Owner/Investor

"It is really nice renting from a company that is so knowledgeable and on top of everything"

Brian Y.  --Tenant

"You guys are the best."

Jimmy Y.  -- Tenant