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The Best Restaurants in Seattle for Cheap Eats

It is true that the cost of living is high in Seattle and almost everything is expensive in the area. For some people, it is almost impossible to eat from the local restaurants because food prices are extremely expensive. Some locals believe that the recent increase in minimum wage rates in the area to $15 per hour for waiters is the main reason why food is very expensive in local restaurants. However, this does not mean that people are not eating from restaurants in Seattle.

Actually, the locals know restaurants where food is still affordable and where you can fill your stomach for less than $10 without compromising the quality of the food. The following are some of the best restaurants in Seattle where you can enjoy quality cheap eats.

1. Dong Thap Noodles

This is actually ranked as the cheapest best restaurant in 2016. Here you can enjoy amazing cooked fresh rice noodles and other dishes at pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant does not have a big space but their food is superb and services are outstanding. The restaurant is located at 303 12th Ave. S., Seattle and it is easily accessible. For those who love participating in eating competitions, the restaurant hosts  eating challenges from time to time.

Seattle Restaurant

2. Paseo

Paseo is another restaurant where you can get cheap eats in Seattle. The restaurant changed its management in 2015 and services are now better than before. If you love the sandwich, Paseo is the place to visit because it will cost you less that it could cost you in other restaurants in the city. The restaurant is situated at 4225 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle.

3. Kedai Makan

Kedai Makan is a full- restaurant and a bar that is situated at 1802 Bellevue Ave., Seattle, around the corner On Capitol Hill. The restaurant offers delicious meals to its customers and most of the dishes cost less than $10. Some of the meals that you can enjoy in Kedai Makan include fried rice and roti among others.

4. Slab Sandwiches + Pie

The restaurant is popular for delicious and fatty foods as well as mouth-watering meat cuts. If you love some Smoked brisket sandwich, this is the place to visit. It is also worth noting that their prices are pocket-friendly and their service is amazing.

5. Neon Taco

The restaurant is located in 209 Broadway E., Seattle at the back of the dive bar Nacho Borracho. If you love Mexican food and other Mexican street foods this is a place to visit. The good thing about this restaurant is that you can get something to eat even during the night.

6. The Faerie Queene

The restaurant specializes in seafood where you can have a casual dinner date or lunch without paying huge amounts of money. However, the restaurant keeps strange hours and it is important to check with them before planning to visit the Seattle based restaurant for your favorite dishes.

7. Capital Quilombo Café

This is actually believed to be the cheapest restaurant where you can enjoy the best tamales among other dishes. The restaurant is situated 4343 15th Ave. S., Seattle and it is accessible from different areas of the city. Meals are freshly cooked and their services are excellent.

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