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How to Choose the Right Property Management Company in Seattle 

The real estate market in Seattle continues to rise and business is booming. Consequently, the market has also attracted many property managers who are trying to take advantage of the booming market. We have both local Seattle property management companies and non-local property management companies competing for the same clients. This has made it difficult for property owners in the area to choose the right property managers to entrust with their investments. If you are a real estate investor in the area and you are finding it difficult to choose the right  property management firm, here are a few aspects that should guide you.

1. Skills and experience

I understand that only skilled persons are allowed to run property management companies in the area. However, it is obvious that the level of skills and experience is not the same as different property managers. Bearing in mind that this is a competitive market, it is very important to make sure you have hired only the most skilled and experienced property managers to take care of your real estate properties in Seattle. Property management companies that have been operating for many years are in a better position to offer higher quality services than the newly established ones.

Seattle property manager

2. Consider hiring a local property management company

It is true that we have some non-local property management companies that offer excellent services to their clients but locals are generally the best. A local property management company understands how the local market works and it is likely to satisfy the needs of Seattle tenants without compromising your expectations and interests as an investor. 

3. Consider the strategies used by different companies to reach out to tenants

The property management industry in Seattle is highly competitive because rental rates are higher than in many parts of the country. Additionally, there are many property management companies trying to reach out to the same potential tenants. This means that your property can remain vacant for several months if the company you have hired to manage it is unable to beat the competition and reach out to potential tenants. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the company you are hiring uses the latest marketing methods and platforms to reach possible tenants. Most transactions are now done online and it is important to make sure the company you are hiring has a highly ranked website where it advertises its properties to potential tenants.

Seattle property managers should use strategies

4. Adequate resources to handle all tenancy tasks

A good property management company in Seattle should have adequate equipment and human resources to enable it to handle tenancy related tasks. Remember that tenants in Seattle pay huge money for housing and they equally expect excellent services and total value for their money. A good property management company should be able to respond to tenants’ queries, do repairs and renovations on a timely basis. In Seattle, small issues such as delayed services can cause tenants to vacate your property and look for another one where they are sure of getting quality services and support.